Alexis and Phil Like to Fuck And Share Their Juices.

Alexis and Phil have been dating for several years. Even though they have been together for a long time, they haven’t gotten bored with their sex life. In fact, if you asked them, they would say the fucking is just getting better and better. So when they were approached by a camera crew to do a porno film about couples, they were thrilled to participate.

Alexis made sure she wore a skimpy outfit: only a tiny pink tank top and a very short mini skirt that barely covered her tight little ass. Phil watched her hungrily as she stripped off her top. Her perky little tits bounced out of the top, and she grabbed her nipples and pinched them. Then Alexis pulled her skirt up over her hips and spread her legs for the camera and for Phil. He admired Alexis’s pink cunt for a few seconds before diving deep between her thighs.

Phil slurped and sucked at Alexis’s cunt while she wriggled and squirmed above him. The more he licked her clit, the closer she came to spilling her sweet pussy juice all over his tongue. Finally Alexis let go and covered Phil’s face with her cum.

Then Alexis pulled down Phil’s pants and took his huge dick into her mouth. She slipped his cock into her mouth as far as it would go, then began to suck him slowly. He couldn’t wait to fuck her, so he pulled his cock from her mouth and sank it deep into her slit. She was slick with her own cum so Phil had no problem sliding his huge cock all the way into her twat. He pumped deep in Alexis’s pussy, driving as hard as he could. Alexis screamed for more, and the camera taped Phil drilling Alexis’s swollen clam. Alexis came again, this time sending her cum over Phil’s balls. As soon as Alexis came, Phil grabbed Alexis’s hips and filled her pussy with his hot jizz.

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