Destiny Does Bobby

Destiny and Bobby have been together for about a year. Bobby loves his girlfriend, but loves fucking her even more. Destiny has a very dirty mouth on her, and when Bobby fucks her tight little cunt, Destiny loves to tell him just how she likes it and moans and screams as she reaches orgasm after orgasm.

Destiny wanted to get her pussy fucked by Bobby on camera, so she contacted a porn website to come and video tape one of their loud, nasty fuck sessions. As soon as the camera crew arrived, Destiny was stripping her clothes off, showing the camera her big boobs and her long lean thighs. She opened her cunt with her fingers and let Bobby lick her little clit just enough to get her wet. Then Destiny begged Bobby to fuck her pussy.

Destiny was on her hands and knees when Bobby entered her. Destiny screamed for Bobby to stick his hard cock deep inside her pussy, and as he slid inside her, she moaned at his cock filling her up. Bobby pumped his dick faster and faster into Destiny’s snatch, and she pulled away to lie on her back. Destiny spread wide and opened her cunt lips with her fingers.

Destiny begged Bobby to fuck her again, and he eagerly sunk his cock into her pussy hole. Destiny threw her legs over Bobby’s shoulders to open herself up even further for his probing dick. She moaned and pleaded for him to fuck her harder and harder. Watching his cock disappear into Destiny’s cunt was all Bobby needed to urge him to fill her cunt with jizz. Bobby’s cock slipped deep into Destiny’s chasm again, and banged into her sweet spot until she released a throbbing, juicy orgasm all over Bobby’s cock.

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