Jennifer’s modeling gig

Jennifer always wanted to be a model, right from the time she could reach a mirror. She would look at her slender body and know that she was beautiful. So when she was asked to come over to a secluded address to audition to be a model for a smaller company, she was more than enthusiastic.

When she walked in and saw John, she was convinced that he was hotter than any guy she’d ever know. And while she was trying to focus on looking good for her audition, she couldn’t help but feel turned on by this man. After the camera turned on, she began to realize that he was just as turned on as she was.

“How do you feel about being naked?” John asked. Jennifer didn’t even respond. She took off her clothes and showed off her small, firm body. After all, they probably needed to see all that she had to offer in order to make sure she was model ready. But when John started to strip too, she realized what she had to do. Not that it took much convincing.

Lying on her back, Jennifer let John start licking her pink clit, moaning and writhing around, she couldn’t believe how easy this audition was going to be. And John was so good with his tongue, that she didn’t want him to stop. But then again, she couldn’t be the only one that was having a fun time. She turned him over to the couch and start grinding on his long hard cock. Bouncing up and down, her breasts were hypnotizing to John.

He turned her over and started pounding her from behind, noting just how well she took care of her body. She would make an excellent model, for sure.

But just to be certain, he creamed all over her face to see what it would look like on camera. Jennifer was perfect for the modeling job. And for other jobs he had in mind.

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