Lisa Licks Aliana Tight Slit.

The best thing about lesbians is that they know just how to lick and finger each other so they both cum all over. And Aliana and Lisa are no exceptions to this rule. Both of them love to eat pussy, and they love to use their favorite toys to make their partners orgasm over and over again. So when Aliana and Lisa got together, it was definitely a fun evening.

Aliana started out the action by pulling down the top of her dress. Her big, perfect tits were bouncing for Lisa, and Lisa moved to lick and suck each of Aliana’s nipples. Then Aliana pulled up the skirt of the dress and opened her long thighs. Lisa looked at the perfect, bare pink pussy spread open before her, and she immediately dove in.

Lisa grabbed Aliana’s ass and pulled her cunt to her mouth. Lisa teased Aliana’s little clit with her tongue until it swelled with passion. Then she began sucking the little love bud, making Aliana’s whole cunt wet. Lisa licked out Aliana’s pussy hole, lapping up every drop of Aliana’s sweet pussy juice.

Aliana couldn’t let Lisa have all the fun, so she pulled Lisa’s top off and began playing with Lisa’s nipples. Then she pushed Lisa onto her back and slurped up Lisa’s dripping pussy juice. As Aliana’s tongue probed into Lisa’s fuck hole, Lisa came all over Aliana’s face.

Then Aliana reached for a vibrator and shoved it deep into Lisa’s cunt. Lisa opened her thighs wider for the pushing, vibrating plastic rod, and she rode it until she squirted another orgasm all over Aliana’s hand and face.

Aliana spread her legs again and Lisa took the vibrator from her own pussy and slipped it into Aliana. Aliana bucked her hips to receive the vibrator; soon the vibrations and penetrations were too much and she released a juicy spurt of cum onto Lisa’s hungry lips.

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